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Wood Removal Palm Beach | Signs You Need to Replace Your Hardwood Floor

November 29, 2019

Like everything else, your hardwood flooring doesn’t always last forever. Although they can stand the test of time, with some of them lasting for centuries, there comes a point when certain situations will require homeowners to replace them. If you need to replace your hardwood flooring, be sure to enlist the help of a flooring expert who can handle wood removal Palm Beach. Meanwhile, how do you know if it’s time for you to replace your hardwood floors? Check out these top telltale signs: 

They’ve Been Refinished Too Often

To keep your hardwood flooring flawless and looking good as new for many more years, you’ll need to have them refinished. However, it’s best to refinish your hardwood floors no more than 5 times because the process of refinishing hardwood floors can strip away some layers of the wood each time. If your hardwood flooring gets refinished too often, your boards will eventually become too thin.

They Have Water Damage

There’s no quick fix for water damage on hardwood floors – even if you have them refinished. When water causes damage to your flooring, the wood will peel and buckle. Depending on how bad the damage is, you’ll begin to notice gaps between the boards that make your floors unstable. Since this problem is irreversible, the only solution is to call a wood removal Palm Beach expert before you replace your flooring.

You Want to Update the Look of Your Floor

Do you plan to update the look of your flooring system? If you’re one of those homemakers who want to make a design upgrade that goes beyond color staining, you need to replace your hardwood floors.

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Hire a Wood Removal Palm Beach Expert!

Before you even think about selecting a new flooring system to replace your old one, make sure that you hire a wood removal Palm Beach expert to get your concrete ready for your new hardwood boards. Contact Flooring Removal Services Inc. today. No job is too large or too small for our team of professionals.

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