Thick Bed Mortar Removal

Pulling up a tile surface to reveal a thick bed of mortar is a homeowner’s nightmare that turns a simple do it yourself project into a prolonged ordeal. This surface can be incredibly difficult to remove from the concrete subfloor without causing damage to the surface and the flooring in the adjoining rooms. The reason for this is because the mortar creates a bond with the concrete, which is what keeps the tile surface in place. Since a tile floor is meant to last for many decades, the mortar bond is also meant to last that long.

There can be inches of the stuff piled up under an average residential floor. As it comes off the concrete surface, the mortar can break into many pieces, creating a lot of dust. When the process of removal is done, you’ll need to remove large chunks of mortar and pick up all of the dust created. All in all, the process can be a messy one that takes a long time, especially if you try to do it all yourself.

Mortar beds can be found under many types of flooring, including:

  • Mexican tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Wood flooring

Too often, homeowners will begin the process of removing a tile floor themselves, find a thick mortar bed stuck underneath, and give up on the project, leading to them living in a permanent construction zone. The time and cost involved in researching the process, renting the necessary tools and getting friends to help can simply add up to be too much. Instead of leaving the mortar where it is, let us take over the job for you and get it finished quickly. Getting rid of a thick mortar bed is a tough, messy job that you don’t want to take on without experienced help.

Amateur removal of thick mortar is not only difficult; it can make a real mess as it comes apart. Thick mortar removal creates a lot of dust and debris that your family can track through the home, making all of the floors dirty. Instead of trying to take on this job yourself, let Flooring Removal Services South Florida help with efficient, clean mortar removal. With experience in removing flooring surfaces and the mortar underneath them, we can get rid of the whole mortar bed and leave the floor surface clean.

Our crews are equipped with a range of equipment to help us remove the mortar bed in your home or business location, including:

  • Flooring removal machines
  • Grinders
  • Hand chisels
  • Hammers
  • Vacuums
  • Air scrubbers

Using our decades of experience and the right tools, we can remove the mortar bed, no matter how thick, in a fast and safe manner. Once our crews leave, the area will be left clean and ready for the installation of a new flooring surface whenever you want. You can live in the home without having to tolerate dust and debris and even improve on the current look of the home with a brand new floor.

Experienced in Mortar Bed Removal

With the experience and equipment our crews have, the process of removing thick bed mortar is quick and easy. After preparing your home against the spread of dust and debris, we begin getting rid of the mortar. We use specialized machinery to peel as much of the mortar off the concrete surface as possible. Then, we use hand tools to get rid of the remaining mortar. In some cases, the mortar can be inches thick and still heavily bonded to the concrete. These are the spots that are hardest to remove, but our crews know how to get the job done. Using hand chisels and hammers, we get rid of every part of the mortar surface.

Then, we use grinders to get rid of any stubborn patches fused to the concrete. Removal of these patches is important, as it will leave the concrete subfloor clean and ready for a new flooring surface Miami to get installed. With the surface of your floor smooth and clean, we start the cleanup process by hauling away all of the debris created. We pick up the dust left behind with vacuums, and clear the air with air scrubbers that take care of any dust particles that have become airborne.

We Prevent Dust as We Remove Mortar Beds

Protecting your home from the spread of dust is crucial when working on thick bed mortar removal, because it is a process that can create a lot of dust. We have a process that traps the dust away from the surfaces that can attract lots of dust, like countertops and floors in adjoining rooms. We secure plastic sheets with painters tape to create a barrier and keep the dust contained.

When we use hand tools, they have attached dust containment units to keep the dust created to a minimum. Once our work is completed, we clean up all the debris and take it away for recycling. Then our crews use pulse vacuums to remove dust from the clean concrete floors. Any dust that has made it into the air is removed using air scrubbers. These steps are vital to preserving the indoor air quality inside your home and reducing the presence of dust or allergens in the air your family breathes.

If you’re ready to get thick bed mortar out of your home, let Flooring Removal Services help. Our experienced crews are licensed and insured and ready to work on any job, big or small. Click here to get a free quote for professional mortar removal services.

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