Spanish Tile Removal

With bright colors and distinctive patterns, Spanish tile brings us back to a traditional setting. The old-style patterns found on Spanish tile might not be right for you if you prefer a modern, neutral style. With our experienced crews on the job, you can get rid of old tile floors and replace them with any new flooring of your liking.

Types of Spanish Tile

There are many types of Spanish tile popular in homes across South Florida, including:

Ceramic Spanish Tile

  • Carries bold patterns and bright colors, and many of the Spanish ceramic tiles produced today still feature these classic patterns.


  • A type of earthenware glazed with tin to make it eye catching.


  • A kind of tin glazed pottery made into tile with similar designs to the ones traditionally found on Mayolica tiles.

Spanish Clay Tile

  • Typically associated with outdoor applications, like roofing, these orange-toned tiles can are commonly used in homes designed in Mediterranean style.

Our Spanish Tile Removal Process

Whether you hire us to work on commercial or residential spaces, our process includes these key points:

  • A free estimate on site to ensure that you get an accurate price and time estimate. This helps to keep your renovation process on time and within budget.
  • Preventing the spread of dust by securing the area with plastic sheets and painters’ tape. We also vacuum after work is completed and use air scrubbers to get rid of dust particles in the air. These steps help to prevent dust from spreading throughout the ventilation system in the home or business and getting into the air you breathe.
  • Using top of the line equipment to remove as much of the tile surface and mortar as possible. With our equipment, it is possible to remove the majority of the surface, leaving only small areas that need to be completed with hand tools. This keeps the process fast and avoids creating delays in the installation of the new flooring surface.
  • Removing every trace of mortar from the floor using hand tools. Once the mortar is gone, we use grinders to leave the surface smooth and ready for a new flooring surface to get installed.
  • Recycling of all debris created during the process to prevent keeping waste on your property. Our fleet of trucks is ready to get any debris as soon as it is created.

Do You Need Spanish Tile Removal?

With crews all over South Florida, we are ready to help you! If you’re ready to get rid of the Spanish tile in your home or business, contact us to get a free estimate.

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