Laminate Removal

When you think of laminate flooring most get a mental image of the bold flooring colors and patterns popular in the 1970s. But there are still many new homes and businesses with laminate installed in them. The popularity of laminate flooring in homes and businesses is still high, with many people opting to have it installed thanks to its affordable pricing and the versatile patterns now available. Laminate flooring comes in many patterns and colors, some designed to copy the look of higher end flooring finishes.

If you’ve recently moved into a new home or business space, you may soon find that the laminate flooring is not to your liking. It can become worn, uneven and dingy over the years. Parts of the clear coating that lays across the top level of the laminate can peel away, leaving the finish looking uneven.

If your laminate flooring has seen better days, or if you’re simply ready to make a change in the look and function of your home, Flooring Removal Services can help.  We can get rid of your old laminate flooring, making it easy for you to renovate the space. Our team can perform laminate flooring removal in as little time as 24 hours, leaving a clear surface where you can have carpet, wood flooring or tile installed.

Laminate Removal Isn’t a Do It Yourself Job

DIY laminate flooring removal is often more work than you may realize at the outset, and the results can be spotty at best. Because many homeowners lack the tools and knowledge to remove laminate floors, they attempt to soak the floor in chemical solvents to loosen the bond between the adhesive and the concrete subfloor, or use pry bars to peel the laminate away from the concrete.

This approach can cause damage to the concrete subfloor, and leave patches of adhesive behind in the parts that you cant pry up. It also exposes the family to chemical fumes and takes away from the indoor air quality. This layer of thin set has to be removed in order for the laminate removal job to be considered complete. Instead of taking on this complicated job yourself, the professionals at Flooring Removal Services can handle this for you and have it completed properly in a short time frame.

Our Process of Laminate Flooring Removal

Getting a laminate floor surface removed from your home or business is a stress free process with our help. We begin by offering you a personalized estimate to ensure you get an accurate price. Our crews arrive on site with protective plastic sheets, painter’s tape and aluminum ramps to place in your home. These items help prevent any damage as we work and contain the spread of dust created as we get rid of the laminate. We use specialized equipment to get most of the flooring surface removed, along with any padding that may have been laid under the laminate surface.

After the surface removal is complete, we then use hand tools to remove the rest from the hard to reach spots. Once the entire laminate surface is removed, we use grinders to smooth away any patches of thin set that remain. Last of all, we clean the work area using pulse vacuums and air scrubbers, and then haul away any debris created during the process in our waste trucks.

Getting rid of laminate floors is easy for our experienced crews. Travelling with a full range of equipment to make removal easy, we can handle any removal work you might need. We’ve removed flooring from both residential and commercial buildings all over South Florida, including:

  • Homes, apartment buildings, and condominiums.
  • Hospitals, shopping malls and grocery stores.
  • Schools, gyms and recreation centers.
  • Factories and other industrial spaces.

Commercial Laminate Flooring Removal in South Florida

Laminate floors can wear out even faster in commercial locations, where heavy foot traffic can lead to wear and tear on the surface. Instead of trying to cover unsightly spots in your flooring, let us peel it up so you can replace it with fresh, clean floors. Our crews are experienced in removing laminate from all kinds of business locations, from small stores in historical buildings to larger, modern shopping centers.  Using commercial grade equipment and our eco-friendly process, we can remove the flooring surface in even large places and leave the area free of dust and smelly fumes. Our crews finish the job by vacuuming to eliminate any remaining dust and using air scrubbers to clean dust particles out of the air.

Once the laminate removal work is done, one of our fleet of debris removal trucks takes any waste so it doesn’t stay cluttering up your property. With five waste removal trucks in our fleet, we make sure that no debris is left behind.  Each of our team members has experience and training in using all equipment safely, making the process of removing your floor as smooth and simple as possible for you. For our commercial customers, we can work overnight or outside of your regular business hours to minimize any need to close your business.

No matter how big or small the laminate flooring surface, Flooring Removal Services can help you get it removed. Our crews perform all types of flooring removal in commercial and residential locations all over south Florida, including Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie and Indian River Counties. Click here to get the process started with a free quote.

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