Wood Removal

Hardwood floors add a high-end finish to any home, until they begin to wear and tear. If you opted to have a floor made of lightly colored wood, any damaged spots can stand out among the planks. Flooring Removal Services can complete wood removal in your home in as little as 24 hours, making it simple to get rid of the old flooring and get a new one put in!

How Does Our Wood Removal Service Work?

When you hire our wood removal company to remove your floors, we begin by offering you a free quote. Our team will come to you and evaluate how much work is needed, answer all your questions and give you an estimate. Next, we work with you to schedule an appointment in the time frame you want the work done.

For commercial customers, this can mean that our wood removal company comes overnight or on the days you are closed to keep from bothering your staff and customers.  With multiple crews, we can accommodate any time frame you need and help you avoid costly delays.

On the day of the job, our crews bring aluminum ramps and place them in sensitive areas to stop damage. Next, we use large plastic sheets around the entrances of the work area to contain the dust we may create. This helps to stop the dust and makes the cleanup process simpler. Once this preparation is completed, we begin the wood removal work.

Glue-Down Wood Removal

If your wood flooring was glued right to the concrete subfloor, the removal work has to be done with specialized wood removal equipment to make sure everything gets lifted. We use machines made for this purpose, equipped with sharp blades to remove the wood and any thin set mortar put in place when it was installed. Operated by crew members with decades of experience, these machines can make expedite floor removal in the largest of rooms.

Using hand tools, we can get these spots lifted to get all the flooring out. Our hand tools are outfitted with dust containment units to keep any dust to a minimum. With the flooring gone, we use grinders to lift all of the thin set. This leaves a smooth surface where you can have a new floor of your choice installed.

Once the wood removal is done, our crews are still committed to the clean-up process before leaving. One of our waste removal trucks takes everything away for recycling, and our crews vacuum to eliminate dust. Any dust that has risen into the air is cleaned away using air scrubbers.

Are You Looking for Wood Removal Services?

Contact us today to get a free in-home consultation for glue down wood floor removal. Our crews will travel to your home or business location anywhere from the premier flooring removal company!

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