Glue down Carpet Removal

Removing the carpet from your home or business always looks easy on renovation shows and when you see it done in magazines. But if your carpet is glued down, it may be much harder than simply ripping a corner away from the wall and pulling it up with your hands. Carpet that was glued in place often resists attempts to remove it, and when it finally is removed there can be pieces of the carpet left behind, along with the remnants of the glue. Proper removal is necessary to ensure that the concrete surface under your floor is left clean and ready for another type of flooring to be installed.

There are two popular types of glue down carpet installation:

Direct Glue Down Carpet: Direct glue down installation is the most popular carpet installation in commercial settings, but it is also seen in residential settings. In this type of installation, the carpet is glued directly to the concrete surface under the floor. A large amount of adhesive is used, and removing carpet installed this way can be a messy process. At Flooring Removal Services, we use state of the art machinery to get as much of the adhesive up from the surface as possible. This speeds up the process and helps us ensure every spot of adhesive gets lifted.

Double Glue Down Carpet: Often called double stick installation, this is a method of installing carpet designed to last. This is similar to direct glue down installation, except that the installer first glues a pad to the floor and then glues the carpet to the pad. The pad for this type of installation cannot be any carpet pad, but has to be a dense pad made specifically for this type of installation.

Removing the carpet, the adhesive and the dense pad can be challenging and create a lot of debris. With our own debris removal trucks that accompany us to every job site, we make sure to haul all of the waste created during the removal process away and dispose of it in an eco friendly manner.

Experienced professionals ensure it is done properly and the concrete surface under the floor is left clean and smooth. This will help to ensure the success of your next floor installation.

Why Do You Need Glue Down Carpet Removal Service?

There are many reasons that homeowners might want to switch from glued down carpet to tile or wood flooring:

  • Easier clean up and maintenance
  • Increased durability
  • Stain and damage resistance
  • Longer expected life span

Business owners may also find there are many advantages to having carpet removed. In high traffic business locations, carpet can easily become stained and worn over time. Replacing old carpeting with tile or wood flooring can give your whole business a new, fresh feeling.

The first step to getting rid of carpeting and replacing it with new flooring is having the carpet properly removed. Once the carpet and adhesive have been fully removed and only the clean concrete surface underneath remains, your flooring contractor can properly install the new floor of your choice.

Flooring Removal Services has the tools, experience and knowledge to complete removal of glue down carpet in as short a time frame as 24 hours. Our licensed and insured crews can work around your schedule to ensure that you get results in the time frame you need them.

The Steps of Glue Down Carpet Removal Services

While each job is different and can call for a unique approach, the process of removing glued down carpeting typically follows a few steps:

  • Consultation: One of our crewmembers will perform an in home estimate, free of charge, to help give you an accurate idea of the cost and time needed to complete your project.
  • Preparation: Before work begins, we protect the home against unnecessary damage by setting up reinforced ramps to support large equipment, placing plastic sheets to protect against dust and removing any trim that comes close to the work area. Our crews also wear protective gear to reduce the chance of any accidents onsite.
  • Removal: Our crews use carpet removal machines equipped with heavy duty blades to lift the carpet, as well as the adhesive under it, from the floor’s surface. Any remaining portions or hard to reach spots are removed using hand tools. Our equipment is fitted with dust containment units to keep the dust created during the process from spreading.
  • Grinding: We use grinders to remove any adhesive that may have remained on the surface. This leaves the surface smooth and ready for installation of a new floor of your choice. Proper grinding will help your flooring contractor install your new flooring evenly and ensure a good bond forms between the concrete surface, the new flooring and the adhesive.
  • Cleanup: Before our work is complete, we make sure to leave your home as clean as possible. Our crews use pulse vacuums to clean all of the dust left behind and remove all of the associated trash in one of our state of the art removal trucks. We also scrub the air to minimize the presence of dust particles in the home. With a five truck fleet, there is never any delay in getting the debris off your property and responsibly thrown away.

How to Have Glued Down Carpet Removed

The process of having glued down carpet removed is a quick and easy one with the help of a skilled and experienced team. At Flooring Removal Services, we have decades of experience with all types of flooring, and have completed removal work all over South Florida. Our crews are fully licensed, trained and insured to do business in the state of Florida.

Contact us to get the process started with a free, in-home consultation. Our glue down Carpet Removal Company South Florida can come to your home or business in Miami Dade County and the surrounding areas, including Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie, and Indian River Counties.

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