Thin set Removal

After peeling back the surface of a floor, many home or business owners are shocked to find that the job is not done. Typically, there is thin set remaining between the concrete subfloor and flooring surface. Removing it can be hard, as it is made to stay stuck in place, and help the flooring stay put as well.

However, getting rid of any thin set left over from the old flooring is an important part of the process. If you plan to have another kind of floor put down in this space, every patch of thin set must be removed. This allows the new floor surface to be laid with fresh thin set, which will form a bond to the concrete. With no remaining patches of the old thin set left, the flooring surface will sit properly and remain in place where you want it to sit. Leaving any patches of thin set can cause unexpected delays in the installation of the new floor, or cause the new floor to have a shorter lifespan overall.

Flooring Removal Services can help you with fast and easy thin set removal in any home or business location in South Florida. Our process is sure to get rid of any traces of thin set left on your floor in a fast and efficient manner.

Why Hire Flooring Removal Services?

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a one man operation or a contractor inexperienced with the process of flooring removal. If done improperly, this process can result in damage to your home or business. Without the right tools, getting all of the thin set removed can be a time consuming process. Not to mention, these small operations are not equipped to remove the debris they create and clean up behind themselves. At Flooring Removal Services Miami, we try to prevent damage to your property while we remove your flooring.  Some of the advantages of choosing us to work in your home or business location include:

  • We offer free, in home estimates to give you an accurate price and idea of the time needed to complete the job.
  • Our crews are licensed and insured, with years of experience in flooring removal. We have received many five star reviews from satisfied customers on Google and Yelp.
  • Our eco-friendly removal process is free from chemicals or solvents. Not only does it prevent exposing your family or employees to dangerous fumes, it keeps the process fast and easy. Once we are done, there is no drying time or waiting period to have a new floor put down.
  • Before we start any work, our crews lay down protective plastic sheets and aluminum reinforcement ramps. These items help we take every precaution to make sure your home is prepared for removal work.
  • After our work is completed, we use pulse vacuums to clean up any dust left behind in the area. Any waste is hauled away using one of our fleet of trucks and recycled. Our crews use air scrubbers to clean away any dust particles that may have entered the air before leaving.

Be sure that when you allow someone to work in your home, they are trained and ready to prevent any damage. Flooring Removal Services has decades of experience working with all types of flooring surfaces. Our licensed and insured crews can remove flooring from a residential or commercial location in as little as 24 hours.

How Does Thin Set Removal Work?

Thin set is designed to stick, which makes the removal process difficult to do without the right tools. Using a combination of specialized equipment and hand tools, our crews can make this process happen in a short timeframe. To start, we use specialized removal equipment to get rid of the majority of the thin set from the concrete subfloor.  This machinery allows us to remove the majority of the flooring surface from any location quickly, even if the area is especially large. After the machinery has removed most of the thin set, we get to work with hand removal tools, with attached dust containment shields to keep any dust from spreading to other parts of the home or business.

Once all of the thin set is gone, its time to grind the surface clean. We use grinders to smooth away any small patches of thin set from the surface. With all traces of thin set gone, we clean the area using vacuums and air scrubbers and haul away any debris. The process is then complete and the subfloor is ready for a new flooring surface to be laid. If you are working on renovating the look and function of your home, fast thin set removal allows you to move forward with your project without any long delays.

Commercial Thin Set Removal

In commercial settings, the amount of thin set used to install flooring can be twice as much as in residential places. This can be because the flooring type used in commercial areas is heavier and more durable, or to account for the higher amount of floor traffic typically associated with commercial areas. As a result, the amount of thin set remaining after you remove a commercial floor can be much more.

However, using the right equipment, our crews can get rid of this thin set quickly. This allows you to change the flooring in the commercial space without having to close for extra days, potentially losing business. With experience working in grocery stores, hospitals and retail shops, we know exactly how to get thin set off of your subfloor, no matter how large your space is.

Flooring Removal Services south Florida is a flooring removal company serving south Florida, including Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie and Indian River Counties.

Contact Flooring Removal Services today to get a free estimate for thin set removal at your residential or business location. Our crews can accommodate your schedule to make the process easy for you. For commercial customers, we can work overnight or during your off-hours to get the job done.

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