Epoxy Removal

Epoxy coated floors might make you feel like you have no choice in the look of your home and can’t personalize the main areas of your business, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With the help of an experienced flooring removal crew, it is possible to get rid of the epoxy floors and replace them with something that works better for your purposes.

In some locations, sections of the epoxy wear away while other parts stay fast, giving an uneven look to the overall finish of the room. If you run a customer facing business, where a lot of people come walking through, epoxy floor finishes can look worn within a short time frame. If you think you’re ready to get a new floor in place, the first step is getting that old epoxy off and disposed of in the right way. Removal of an epoxy floor coating on your floor can be easy with the right tools and skills. If you’re tired of looking at a epoxy in your home or business, and are ready to get rid of it and make a change, Flooring Removal Services can help.

How Does Epoxy Removal Work?

Our process for removing epoxy flooring starts just the same way we begin any flooring removal work, by giving a free quote. This helps us make sure that you’re offered an accurate price and timeframe. Our team can book a time and date that works for you. For business owners, this can mean overnight or over the weekend to ensure that your customers are not disrupted. On the day that work begins, we start by protecting your property against damage, dust and debris that can be created in the process. Our crews arrive on site with reinforced aluminum ramps and plastic sheets. These get put out before work starts to avoid damaging any of the other surfaces in your house or creating a buildup of dust in other rooms.

At Flooring Removal Services, we pride ourselves on using an eco-friendly process that keeps from using chemical compounds. This reduces the risk of harm to your family, property and the greater environment.  Our process for epoxy removal is not only safer and more effective than using chemicals; it is better for the air quality in your home.

Once everything is in place to keep your home safe, our trained crews begin working on epoxy flooring removal. We use specialized removal machines to remove the epoxy across most of the floor’s surface. Using a sharp blade designed for this purpose, we can quickly remove the majority of the coating from the concrete under floor surface. Our state of the art machines can get rid of most of the epoxy coating, leaving only a small amount behind to be tackled with hand tools.

Our skilled team using hand tools designed for this purpose removes any remaining areas. These tools allow us to do precise work in the corners and other hard to reach parts of the floor, getting rid of any parts of epoxy. After we complete removal, we use grinders to wear away anything that is left on the surface. This leaves the area smooth, allowing new flooring to be placed in the area. As we work, our dust containment units capture any dust generated before it has a chance to spread. Our pulse vacuums keep the work area clean and stop dust from spreading throughout the home, sucking up any larger pieces of debris.

When we leave your home, the concrete subfloor is left clean and smooth, ready for the installation of any new flooring surface, including:

  • Tile
  • Hardwood floors
  • Carpet
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl

One of the biggest benefits of hiring us is that you never have to live in a messy, dusty construction zone. Our crews ensure that your removal job is completed fast, and all dust and mess is removed. In as little as 24 hours, we can get any vinyl-flooring surface removed and have your home clean and ready for a new floor to be installed.

There is never any headache or long delay, thanks to the fact that we are a professional service and not a fly by night one-person show. We have several trained professionals on our crews, a large inventory of equipment and a fleet of removal trucks, so we are ready for any job we take on.

Can Commercial Epoxy Be Removed?

Residential and Commercial Epoxy Removal Services in South Florida is here to assist you in removing commercial grade epoxy. Removing an epoxy floor surface in a commercial location is handled in a similar way to our residential jobs, with commercial grade machines to allow us to cover a larger area within a short period of time. This helps to keep the process affordable and cost effective for you, and also allows us to give you results within the timeframe you need them.

Thanks to our decades of experience with commercial epoxy removal, we can handle even large commercial locations in a short time frame, and ensure your floor is left clean and ready for a new surface to be installed.

The Advantages of Choosing Us as Your Epoxy Removal Company

As experienced and skilled professionals in the areas of epoxy flooring removal, our crews are able to provide you with accurate estimates and professional service, ensuring you have the best possible experience. When you deal with us, you are dealing with a full team instead of a one-man operation with flooring services south Florida.

Licensed and insured, we staff our crews with experienced contractors who have the skills to remove any type of flooring surface. If you have epoxy floors that you would like to remove, contact Flooring Removal Services today to get started with a free quote.

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