Concrete Scarifying

Many homeowners have never heard of concrete scarifying, and therefore do not know they need it. All they know is that the concrete subfloor in their home has spots that are covered in thin set, that sit lower than other parts or have uneven edges. This problem might seem like a large issue that will take a long time to fix, but for an experienced crew with a full range of professional equipment, concrete scarifying can be a fast and easy process. At Flooring Removal Services, we have decades of experience working on concrete scarification and can complete work on your floor surface quickly, often in 24 hours or less.

Once our team has completed concrete scarification work at your home or business, you can have any new flooring surface you like installed in that space without any issues. A new flooring installation is much more successful with a fresh, level concrete surface underneath it. Concrete scarification is a fast and easy way to increase the likelihood of the flooring lasting as long as possible, no matter how much traffic the flooring gets.

Who Needs Concrete Scarifying Services?

Concrete scarifying might be necessary in any space, whether commercial or residential. It’s especially likely if you have had a flooring surface removed in the past by an inexperienced removal contractor. In these situations, there is often a layer of mortar or thin set left on the concrete. In cases where the removal was especially not well done, there can even be pieces of flooring left on the surface. Pieces of tile, wood or vinyl can remain, especially in the sharp corners and tight, hard to reach spots where amateur removal services can have a hard time getting the surface totally up. Concrete scarifying can remove all of this from the concrete, leaving it clean and ready for a new flooring surface to be installed.

There are many circumstances under which you might need concrete scarifying, including:

  • If you have uneven concrete subflooring, scarifying can help to even it out before you place a new type of flooring.
  • If there is mortar or thin set remaining on the concrete surface from a previous flooring surface.
  • If the edges of your concrete subfloor are uneven or need leveling.

All of these issues may seem minor, but they can cause large problems when you try to have a new flooring surface placed. These issues will persist over the years in the form of various issues, such as:

  • Loose floorboards.
  • Squeaking and creaking as you walk.
  • Excessive wear and tear.
  • Shorter overall lifespan.

Concrete scarifying is a fast process that helps to eliminate any of these issues with the new flooring. Our crews perform effective scarifying that can be completed in 24 hours or less. By placing protective dust barriers before we start work, and cleaning up any dust created during the process, we make sure that your home or business is just as clean when we leave, as it was when we arrived.

Effective Concrete Scarifying Services

Concrete scarifying helps to keep your renovation or flooring replacement on schedule. If you are scheduled to have a new flooring surface installed, and the installer shows up and finds that there is still mortar or thinset on the concrete subflooring, they may have to delay the installation. The new flooring may not be able to stay in place properly until these old patches are removed from the surface. At Flooring Removal Services, we understand the importance of keeping your project on track. We can perform concrete scarifying in as little as 24 hours and leave your home or business ready for new floors to go in.

In order to make concrete scarification effective, it’s important to have the right equipment. Our crews travel with a selection of equipment, including flooring removal equipment, grinders, hand tools, air scrubbers and pulse vacuums to clean up when the work is done. With hydraulically driven equipment, we are ready to handle even large commercial spaces.

Commercial Concrete Scarifying in South Florida

If you’re about to invest money in placing a new flooring surface in your business location, it’s well worth your while to have concrete scarifying performed first. Our crews can remove any traces of mortar, thinset, or old flooring from your concrete subfloor, and leave it clean and ready for your flooring installer to come in. This will help to maximize the lifespan of the new flooring before it is even laid. A clean concrete surface forms a better bond with the mortar, thin set or other adhesive laid to keep your new floors in place.

In a business environment, this can have many advantages, including:

  • Saves you from having to have the flooring replaced prematurely.
  • Prevents excessive wear and tear.
  • Can stop peeling and loose flooring, creating tripping hazards that can be dangerous for customers.

For commercial customers, we make every attempt to work with you to minimize disruptions to your business. That can mean working overnight, or on the days that the business is typically closed. We can work in the timeframe you need to make your new flooring installation happen without delay.

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