VCT Vinyl Laminate Removal

VCT is a type of sheet flooring that has been popular with home and business owners since the early 1980’s. This is a form of modern vinyl flooring, normally made with colored polyvinyl chloride chips. This process is completed using a combination of heat and pressure, producing sheets that are cut into large tiles. They come in many different colors and patterns, and as with all other types of tile, you can use them to create elaborate decorative patterns.

While it is affordable and can look great when it is initially put in, it breaks down very easily on impacts, especially as time goes on. It can become very brittle; leading to cracks and breaks along the surface. This is what leads to the floor looking old and dirty, even leading to more damage along the surface.

If your vinyl floor has seen better days, hiring a professional VCT Vinyl Laminate Removal Company is the cleanest and most efficient way to get it removed. Removing this type of flooring can be particularly messy and create a large amount of debris. Flooring Removal Services will take steps to protect your home before work begins and clean up once the work is done.

With our own debris removal trucks, we make sure that any waste created on the job is disposed of before we leave. The process of VCT Vinyl Laminate Removal Services couldn’t be simpler for you. Once our work is completed, you’re ready to have a new surface installed as soon as the next day.

Why Choose Us as Your VCT Vinyl Laminate Removal Company?

There are many companies that advertise the ability to remove your VCT flooring, but before you allow one to work on your home, you should be sure they are qualified. General contractors, one man operations and amateurs can cause more harm than good when they try to take on specialized work like vinyl flooring removal.

Once confronted with the actual removal work, many of these removal efforts will grind to a halt due to lack of proper equipment and experience. These delays cost you time and money, not to mention the inconvenience they cause.

There are multiple reasons to choose Flooring Removal Services to work on your property:

  • Our crews are licensed and insured to work on any property.
  • We offer a free estimate to help you stay on budget.
  • We use top of the line equipment to ensure an effective removal.
  • Our process is free of chemicals and ecofriendly.
  • We protect your property before removal work starts.
  • We have multiple crews to ensure your job can be scheduled right away.
  • Our crews have decades of experience with flooring removal.
  • We leave the concrete surface clean and free of mortar so flooring installation can proceed.
  • Our crews clean up once work is done and leave your home clean.
  • We have five star reviews on Yelp and Google.

Removing an old VCT tile surface can be a simple and efficient process when executed professionally and gives you the ability to make a fresh start in your home or business.  With a new floor in place, you will find the entire look and feeling of a room changes. New floors can make a room look cleaner, brighter and newer.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling with a free estimate for the VCT Vinyl Laminate Removal Services you need.

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