Tack down Carpet Removal

Over the years, normal life can cause your carpet to look dirty and old, particularly if you have a large family, young children or pets in the house. Stains and dirt can be removed, but over time, this can leave the carpet looking uneven and discolored. Not to mention, there can be lots of dust and dirt caught deep between the carpet fibers that is hard to get rid of no matter how often you clean.

Removing carpeting from your living room, bedrooms or rec room and replacing it with a brand new floor can help change the look, function and feeling of a room. Installing wood or tile floors can make the room easier to keep clean and free from stains for decades, no matter how much living you do in the house.

Some of the other advantages of getting rid of carpet include:

  • Modernize the style and décor of an older home.
  • Get rid of any lingering stains or smells in the home.
  • Increase the potential for resale of your home for the future by appealing to more buyers, and possibly get a higher price.
  • Reduce the presence of dust, pet dander and allergens trapped in the carpet, which can enter the air and affect your family’s health.

The first step to making any of these improvements to your home is getting that old carpet removed without disrupting your day-to-day life too much. This removal process can be much faster and simpler than you realize, with the help of Flooring Removal Services. Our crews have a wide range of equipment made for this purpose, and decades of experience in operating it.

How Does Tack Down Carpet Removal Work?

If you have tack down carpet in your home, it can be hard to remove. The installation process is designed to hold the carpet in place for decades, making it difficult to get up without the right equipment. Getting rid of it can be simple with the help of an experienced removal service, equipped with specialized machinery and skill. Let Flooring Removal Services south Florida take care of this complicated process for you, and we will make it fast and simple.

Our process covers each part of the removal process from start to finish, including:

  • Providing you with a free estimate.
  • Protecting your home against damage and dust.
  • Fast and efficient removal of the carpet surface.
  • Removal of any remaining thin set.
  • Grinding to leave the floor surface smooth.
  • Cleanup and waste removal.

This process is largely the same when we work on commercial locations, but we can do the bulk of the work during the time you need it to be done in order to minimize closing your business. With commercial grade equipment at our disposal, we can work on large locations such as hospitals, grocery stores, factories and restaurants.

Why Hire a Flooring Removal Company to Get Rid of Tack Down Carpet?

Removing a tack down carpet surface is not a do it yourself job, or a job for inexperienced contractors with no specialized removal equipment on hand. The removal process can easily become complicated if you do not know what you are doing and lead to frustration and damage. Inexperienced removal attempts can leave you with partial results, as well as damage to the nearby surfaces in the home. Hiring an expert service can help you get this process done quickly, with little to no pressure put on you. We handle everything from preparing and protecting the work area to getting rid of any debris created before we leave. Licensed and insured, our crews are prepared to handle any flooring removal job, no matter the square footage.

Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

If you’re concerned about keeping your family healthy, eliminating carpet from your home is a good first step to encouraging better respiratory health. This will reduce the presence of allergens that can recirculate through your home’s heating or air conditioning system.

These pollutants can be very hard to trap and remove from the home once they are already in the air, so reducing their presence in home’s textures can be an effective way to improve air quality and reduce respiratory issues, such as:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Respiratory infections

At Flooring Removal Services, we use an eco-friendly process that also keeps your family safe and healthy. By eliminating the need for chemicals or solvents in our flooring removal process, we keep your home free of smelly fumes. We also prevent dust from our work from entering the indoor air by doing our best to contain it to one area of the home, where it can be properly cleaned up. Upon arrival, our crews secure sheets of plastic with painter’s tape to stop dust from creeping into the rest of your house. After all of the removal work is done, we clean up any debris and haul it away in one of our trucks.

This keeps the old carpet and padding from cluttering up your property until your trash day.  We also clean the area with high-powered vacuums that pick up any loose carpet fibers, small pieces of the padding and any dust created. Before we leave, we use air scrubbers to ensure we get rid of any dust that has escaped into the air. This process ensures that when we leave, your family is breathing clean and unaffected air.

Our tack down carpet removal services are available in Miami Dade County and the surrounding areas, including Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie, and Indian River Counties. Click here to get a free quote for tack down carpet removal.

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