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Top Flooring Choices for Commercial Spaces

February 28, 2020

If you need help in choosing the right flooring system for specific areas in your place of business, today’s your lucky day. Before you even think about hiring a wood removal Coral Gables FL company to get your old hardwood flooring out of the way, you’ll need to determine the new types of flooring that would be appropriate for your reception area, lobby, meeting spaces, and other open areas.

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What are the Top Flooring Choices for Commercial Spaces?

Reception Area or Lobby

Commercial spaces typically include front reception areas or lobbies where they receive potential clients and customers. In most cases, the floors in these areas experience heavy pedestrian traffic on a daily basis. For this reason, this space would require a flooring system that’s aesthetically pleasing as well as durable. Among the ideal options for your reception and lobby would be an epoxy flooring system, tile or laminate floors. Aside from the fact that these are extremely durable and long-lasting, they also come in various colors and designs.

Meeting Spaces

Your conference room, as well as the other meeting spaces in your place of business, is primarily for client presentations and internal discussions with your team. Furthermore, these areas don’t get as much foot traffic as your reception area and lobby. For this reason, you can choose a flooring material that’s a little more impressive than the ones you have in mind for your receiving areas. Among the best choices include higher-end carpets, as well as hardwood floors.

Open Office Areas

It doesn’t matter if you keep an open office space, individual offices or cubicles. These areas need to have a flooring system that has the capacity to support moderate levels of pedestrian traffic and keep noise levels to the minimum. If you want to have an attractive flooring material that has a noise-canceling feature, choose carpet.

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