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How Long Does Wilton Manors Ceramic Floor Removal Take?

There are a few factors that can change the time you can expect carpet, hardwood or ceramic tile removal in Wilton Manors to take. For instance, the length of time it takes to perform tile removal as a do it yourself project is typically much longer than if you had hired an experienced floor removal company, However, even when you hire someone, the approach they take to your project can drastically change how long it takes to get done.

DIY Floor Removal Takes Too Long

Inexperienced individuals who try to take on the removal of a flooring surface themselves often take the longest to get the project done, because there is often a steep learning curve when you try to take flooring out. Many DIY efforts are hampered by the durability of flooring materials and the mortar used to keep them in place. Extracting flooring surfaces can be difficult and time-consuming work without the benefit of the right tools to use while working.

Chemical-Based Floor Removal Attempts

Some removal attempts use chemicals to try and dissolve the bonds between the flooring material and the thin set holding it in place. This approach is especially popular with laminate or epoxy coatings that are laid directly on the concrete subfloor with a generous layer of thinset at the time of application. However, there are many disadvantages to using chemicals as part of a removal effort, including:

  • Using these substances is harmful to the environment
  • They can also be harmful to the health of your family, especially children and pets
  • Chemicals take a long time to soak into the flooring surface and also require a long drying time, which makes the entire process take longer

The Difference When You Hire an Experienced Floor Removal Company

When you hire an experienced company like Flooring Removal Services, you can expect carpet, tile or wood floor removal in Wilton Manors to be a fast process. Our team uses top of the line machinery to remove your flooring surface as quickly as possible. Click here to get a free quote from one of our experienced team members.

The Difference When You Hire an Experienced Floor Removal Company

Questions About Wilton Manors Floor Removal

Many homeowners want to know more about the process of carpet, tile or wood floor removal. After decades of working with homeowners, our teams of experienced professionals understand why so many people have these questions. After all, you are going to be trusting us to come onto your property and work on your greatest asset. So it is only natural that you may want to know more about how the process works.

If you’re wondering about what to expect when you hire our Floor Removal Company, one of the things we recommend is getting a free quote. During this process, our team can come to you and give you specific answers to your questions about your property.

Here are some answers to general questions we often hear from new customers who contact our Floor Removal Company.

How experienced are you?

Flooring Removal Services is South Florida’s premier flooring removal company, with decades of experience in the industry. Our teams include trained and experienced flooring removal professionals, armed with all the equipment they will need to complete your job. Check out our five-star reputation from former clients.

How long does Floor Removal Take?

It is hard for us to estimate exactly how long your removal work will take without seeing the space, which is why we offer free quotes to potential clients. In general, our teams can complete flooring removal work in as little as 24 hours, regardless of the type of surface you have in place.

Can’t I Remove a Floor Myself?

While some homeowners think DIY flooring removal is going to be an easy task, the truth is that flooring removal is a difficult process that can take a long time to complete, particularly if you do not have the right tools or experience.

When Can I Have a New Floor Installed?

Flooring Removal Services uses a chemical-free process for carpet, tile or ceramic tile removal, which requires no drying time, so a new flooring surface can be laid as soon as the day after we complete work.

Do you still have questions? We would be happy to answer them as part of our free quote process. Contact our team to get your free quote for Wilton Manor Floor Removal Service today.

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