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Floor Tile Removal Vero Beach | Types of Tools Used for Removing Tiles

December 2, 2019

Are you seriously thinking about getting rid of your dreary-looking old tile finish? If your flooring system is in dire need of a makeover, you’ll need to contact a floor tile removal Vero Beach company to ensure a safe and effective way of removing your old tiles. In case you’re wondering about the tools they use for the job, check this out:

Pry Bar and Hammer

When it comes to floor tile removal, these are considered the undisputed heavyweight champions. There’s nothing like a flat and sturdy pry bar and a full-sized claw hammer to do a straightforward job at driving the pry bar under the edge tiles or breaking out the first one.

Floor Scraper

This is a flat-edged bully tool that’s used to scrape your old flooring until the old tiles are pulled up. Although some cases may require the use of severe power tools, this good-old-fashioned tool can still be handy at getting your subfloor ready for the installation of your gorgeous new tiles.

Masonry Chisel

Stubborn pieces of tile are easily cut out with the use of a masonry chisel. Even with a larger floor scraper, it would be challenging to remove old tiles that are positioned in the corners. The floor tile removal Vero Beach experts use this alongside a good hammer will not only get the grout out quickly but popping old tiles away won’t be as labor-intensive as anyone might expect.

Wrecking Bar and Sledgehammer

These tools allow floor tile removal professionals to stand up and work after getting things started on the floor. Both will cause you to smash up old tiles easily without being hard on your back. However, this tool requires more space to swing these safely.

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