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Floor Removal Coral Gables | The Biggest Mistakes that People Make with Marble Floors

January 24, 2020

If you want your marble flooring to add elegance to your daily living spaces for years, you’ll want to ensure its longevity. The usual reasons why people enlist the help of a floor removal Coral Gables expert include avoidable stains, etching, scrapes, and scratches. Unless you’re willing to replace your marble flooring system in a snap, you’ll need to protect them from pets, house guests, and other harmful elements. To give you a head start, here’s a list of what you shouldn’t do to your marble floors.

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What You Shouldn’t Do to Your Marble Flooring

Leaving Ice, Snow, and Mud to Cake and Dry on Them

Letting people traipse over your marble floors without using the doormat first will cause permanent marks to appear on the flooring. Before you know it, you’ll be walking on damaged marble floors. To keep this from happening, be sure to use a thick and sturdy doormat that doesn’t slip when your guests walk over it. Leaving a rubber mat outside your front door is also a great idea. This will allow them to scrape off the snow and mud before they walk in.

Using Chairs Without Protective Felt Pads

Your marble flooring’s surface is vulnerable to scratches and scrapes that are usually caused by chairs without protective felt pads. It’s best to purchase these pads from the nearest hardware store if you want your marble floors to last.

Using Acidic Cleaners

Never use vinegar or lemon juice to keep your marble flooring clean unless you want the acid to lift the floor’s sealer and scratch its surface. Use pH-neutral cleaners instead.

Not Cleaning Up Pet Urine

The acid from your new puppy’s urine will ruin the surface of your marble floor. A quick cleanup using a non-acidic floor cleaner is the key to keeping your marble flooring nice and shiny.

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Contact a Floor Removal Coral Gables Professional

If you’re guilty of making these mistakes and your marble flooring needs to be replaced, don’t worry. The team of floor removal Coral Gables experts at Flooring Removal Services, Inc. is here to help you. Beautiful floors start with us. Call us now.

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