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Commercial Floor Removal Martin County | How the Pros Remove Your Floors

January 17, 2020

Unless you’re willing to tackle backbreaking, dirty work, it’s best to leave commercial floor removal Martin County in the hands of seasoned professionals. These qualified technicians can safely and efficiently remove your current flooring system with the use of technologically advanced equipment which you probably don’t have. Aside from saving your time and money on floor removal, hiring these pros can give you the peace of mind you need and the assurance that their work won’t disappoint you.

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How Pros Remove Your Current Commercial Flooring System

They Use Special Floor Removal Machines

You can be confident that professional commercial floor removal experts make use of top of the line machines that can effectively remove the dreary-looking flooring as well as its coating. In most cases, two machines are used to complete the whole process.

Special Equipment is Used to Prep Your Subfloor

The trained specialist removes tiles, carpets, hardwood floors, and more by driving a specific piece of equipment throughout your place of business. Once this task is completed, your old flooring is disposed of safely and the subfloors are thoroughly prepared for the next step.

A Machine is Used for a Dust-Free Removal of Adhesive and Coating

By the time the specialists complete the first part of the process, they’re halfway done with the job. The next step is to remove the subfloor’s adhesive and coating. In case you’re not aware, this is the most critical step to your new floor’s installation because it’s where pounds of harmful dust particles including silica, are created. Their dust-free floor removal technology secures dust that isn’t even visible to the naked eye, ensuring the safety of your family.

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Do You Need to Hire a Commercial Floor Removal Martin County Expert?

Commercial floor removal Martin County requires the finesse and efficiency of a qualified and experienced expert. You’ll thank yourself for enlisting the help of Flooring Removal Services, Inc., South Florida’s premier flooring removal company. Beautiful floors start with us.

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