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Carpet Removal Boca Raton | How to Know if Your Carpet Needs Replacing

January 3, 2020

Nothing in this world lasts forever – not even your carpet. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been smart about keeping it clean and well-maintained. At some point, you’ll need to hire a carpet removal Boca Raton professional so that you can have it replaced. Here are some of the telltale signs that it’s time to get rid of your old carpet.


Once your carpet’s stain-resistant finish fades away over time, it will be left vulnerable to cringe-worthy stain incidents that might involve a glass of red wine getting knocked over or a toddler with a box of Sharpies. Although you can definitely use your creative prowess and cleverness to hide these unsightly stains, a time will come when you won’t be able to overlook those stains.


Does your pile show some signs of matting in its most frequently trafficked areas? In most cases, carpets with polyester fibers stay matted down in certain areas. When this happens, no amount of professional cleaning will be able to restore it to its former glory.

Bad Smell

There’s nothing worse than a lingering unpleasant smell on your carpet even after you’ve had it thoroughly cleaned. This only means that the residue from the innumerable spills over the years has penetrated deeply into the fibers of your carpet or worse, into its padding or subfloor. Furthermore, mold and mildew can also emit foul odors which could cause much bigger problems if left unaddressed.

Increased Allergic Reactions

In case you’re not aware, the fibers in your carpet are like magnets for dirt, dust, as well as pet dander. These are allergens that trigger frequent colds and other allergic symptoms. If you think that your carpet is responsible for the increased allergy symptoms that your family has been experiencing lately, perhaps you should think about having your old carpet replaced.

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