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Getting rid of ceramic tile floors might sound impossible, but with the right tools and equipment, it can be an easy process. Has your ceramic tile floor seen better days after years of being in place? Typically, ceramic tile flooring can do a few undesirable things over time. This is common with older tiles. Some of the biggest issues that can appear on your floor surface include:

  • Cracks across the surface of the tile or corners breaking off
  • Stained or damaged grout spots
  • Tiles breaking away from the concrete subfloor, making them more susceptible to breakage
  • Stains, dirty or dingy portions
  • Dings and dents that take away from the look of the overall flooring

You might be thinking about trying to repair the tile first. However, this isn’t the best option. In fact, with a repair, you may only add a year to your flooring before you must completely replace. This means that you will want to get it completely removed with the help of our ceramic tile removal company to save both time and money in the long run.

Ceramic Tile removal is one of the most time-consuming tasks a homeowner or inexperienced contractor will face. This job is both dirty and labor intensive and you may regret taking it on instead of calling the experts. In addition to removing the ceramic tile, you’ll also have to remove the mortar under the surface. This takes a lot of labor to break apart and get rid of. In fact, removing ceramic tile in Wellington can take up to a week of manual labor with special tools to get it all up from the concrete subfloor. Luckily, we have the best machines for the job that allow us to complete our work in no time at all! Once our team is finished, you will be able to lay your new flooring and improve the look of your home.

Avoid Being Trying to Perform DIY Floor Removal

Removing ceramic tile on your floor is a lot different than removing it from a wallboard. If you try and attempt removal on your own, there is a large chance that you will damage the tiles and subfloor. In addition to that, removing ceramic tile in Wellington is messy, especially if you are inexperienced. Our team knows how to protect your home during the project. Many people have started this project on their own and then turned to the professionals. When you read through our reviews, you will see that it is best to seek the help of our company since we are familiar with more advanced tile removal methods than the average person.

Our team is made of 15 experienced employees and we can take on multiple jobs at one time. We can handle both your residential and commercial floor removal needs. We have the tools and equipment needed to complete your job quickly and efficiently.

How Our Process of Flooring Removal Works

We start the removal process by using our specialized equipment to remove the ceramic tile. With the right machinery, we can remove most of the floor surface quickly. Next, we use hand tools to remove any pieces of flooring that remain. Our crews travel with angled and small tools, making it easy to get into corners and hard to reach spaces. With all the flooring gone, we can start getting rid of the mortar or thin set underneath.

Removing a floor surface properly means not only removing the tile, but also getting rid of the compounds used to make the ceramic floor tiles stick. In many cases, ceramic tile is installed using a heavy layer of mortar or thin set underneath. The installer does this to make the heavy ceramic tiles stay where they are laid. To complete the removal of your floor and leave it ready for installation of a new surface, we make sure this mortar or thin set is all gone. After the ceramic tile surface of your floor is removed, our teams work to get rid of this layer. We use chisels to break the bonding and remove this layer from the surface of the concrete subfloor. Any little patches that are still stuck on the concrete get removed by large grinders that leave the floor smooth. Grinding helps to clear away any mortar or thin set and leaves the area ready for installation of the new flooring.

How We Protect Your Property During the Process of Wood Floor Removal in Margat.

With all the work complete, we clean away dust and debris, put large waste into a truck for recycling and take it away from your property. Once we leave, the process is complete and there is nothing more for you to do except choose your new flooring and have it installed.

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