Miramar Wood Floor Removal

Miramar Wood Floor Removal

Did you know that removing old wood flooring is one of the best ways to improve the look and smell of your home? It’s true. Many people associate carpet with absorbing stains and dirt, but the truth is that over time, wood floors can do the same. Years of dirt and debris can pile up in the corners and cracks between planks and end up trapped in the home. If you or your family members suffer from allergies, asthma or a related condition, removing dust, dirt and pet dander from the air supply can improve the symptoms of these conditions. Therefore, it’s important to consider wood flooring removal as an easy way to refresh and revitalize your home.

At Flooring Removal Services, we use our skill and years of expertise to ensure that all your wood floor is removed, no matter how it was initially installed. There are several different approaches to wood floor removal that can work more effectively depending on how the wood floor was put down in the first place. While some removal companies will try to get rid of this glue using chemical compounds, this is not the safest approach. At Flooring Removal Services, we use only environmentally friendly processes to remove the wood floor, even if it is kept in place with a heavy layer of glue. This preserves the integrity of your home and keeps your family and pets safe as we work on removal.

How We Complete Wood Flooring Removal in Miramar

The approach to removing wood floors influences how well the process works. Some removal crews choose to attack the flooring surface with hand tools, which can take a much longer timeframe. We use specialty wood floor removal machinery equipped with a sharp blade to remove the wood floor surface and the thin-set mortar used to glue it in place. Operated by our most experienced crew members, these machines can make short work of even the largest rooms. Whether you have a commercial or residential location, our crews can remove the wood flooring in 24 hours. You can have your new choice of flooring put in place as fast as the next day.

Effective and Fast Glue Down Wood Floor Removal

If your wood floor was tacked down, we can also handle this kind of removal. Using hydraulically powered removal equipment, we can get rid of most of the wood flooring in one pass. This eliminates any long wait time to get the work done. After this, our teams go in with hand tools to remove any parts of the wood flooring that still refuse to move. Our teams then use high powered vacuums to remove any debris left and leave your home clean.

Experienced with Miramar Wood floor Removal

There are many reasons to choose Flooring Removal Services to work in your home or business, including our long reputation of service in the community. We are fully licensed and insured to work in residential and commercial locations. This eliminates any risk for you as the home or business owner and lets you have added peace of mind. Additionally, each member of our removal crew wears protective equipment to further minimize risks of harm. As experienced veterans in flooring removal, we are all too aware of how failing to take protective steps can spiral into larger issues.

Our team can be trusted because we have experience working in commercial and residential locations of many sizes throughout Miramar. This experience and skill guide us through each removal job. Hydraulically powered flooring removal machines can be difficult to drive if you’ve never done it before, and having an experienced crew makes a large difference in how long it takes to get the whole process completed.

Miramar Wood Floor Removal

Another advantage to using our service is that we preserve the environment as much as possible. We have an eco-friendly approach to removal that customers love. We avoid using solvents and chemical compounds in the removal process to preserve the indoor air quality in the home. This keeps the process efficient by avoiding any drying time and keeps the area free of any dangerous solvents that you might be exposed to. This also makes our process eco-friendly and good for homes that try to stay green and live an eco-friendly lifestyle. All debris created during the process is disposed of responsibly through recycling. This keeps our process green from start to finish, allowing home and business owners to feel comfortable about using us to remove wood flooring.

Contact us today to get a free in–home consultation for wood floor removal. Our crews will travel to your home or business location in Miramar or anywhere in the South Florida area. We can complete your removal job quickly and get you back to your normal life as fast as possible.

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