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Flooring Removal Services is an experienced provider of flooring removal in Miramar, offering carpet removal service for homes and businesses of all sizes. One feature of our service that potential clients are always shocked to hear about is that our process is free of chemicals and other industrial solvents commonly used by other providers in the flooring removal industry. Instead, we use good old-fashioned hard work to get the carpet removed. By using specialized machines designed for this purpose, we can eliminate any kind of floors without using these kinds of products. This allows us to offer a green-friendly service that decreases the home or business owner’s impact on the environment and aligns with your values.

In addition to avoiding the use of chemicals, we also keep the process eco-friendly by taking steps to dispose of waste, like old carpets and padding, responsibly. Carpet removal in Miramar creates waste and getting rid of the waste created responsibly is something we feel strongly about. Our fleet of trucks lets us get rid of the waste through eco-friendly channels that stop needless wastage. Some of the old flooring materials can be recycled to minimize the amount of this waste that ends up getting thrown away. These steps help to keep textiles and other materials that aren’t biodegradable out of the landfill. Overuse of our landfills is a large problem, so doing everything we can to minimize this is very important.

Our teams include some of the best and most skilled workers in South Florida, equipped with the best tools to get the job done. Whether we work on a residential or commercial space, we begin by protecting your property from damage and excess dust creation. Our crews bring in reinforced aluminum ramps and plastic sheets before work begins to avoid causing damage to any surface or creating excess dust. With decades of practice and the right tools, we can remove every piece of flooring and thin set without using chemicals and other products that harm the Earth. With the flooring material gone, we use heavy duty grinders to eliminate anything left in place. The floor comes out smooth and ready for a new surface to be applied. Our process is so fast and effective there is really no need to apply chemicals.

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There are many ways that the use of strong chemical solvents hurts your home. Chemicals can cause defacement to the other textiles in your home and reduce the internal air quality that your family and pets must breathe. If you have infants, toddlers or pets who live in the home, preserving your air quality can help keep them healthy. This is one of the reasons many new parents switch to natural, chemical-free substances to clean the home instead of traditional ones that have a lot of chemical components and feeding the family organic foods to reduce chemical consumption. Some companies that perform carpet removal in Miramar use ammonia or other chemicals to dissolve the bonds between the thin set and the flooring surface. We reduce any risk presented to your family by eliminating chemicals from coming into the home and getting rid of the flooring using specialized removal machines. We also clean up space after flooring removal in Miramar is finished, using pulse vacuums to suck up any dust and air scrubbers to get rid of airborne particles.

Our teams use the fastest method for flooring removal, leaving you ready to get new flooring installed as soon as you like. Even carpet that was applied using a heavy layer of industrial glue can easily be gone using our method for flooring removal. Many times, our method for removal in Miramar can be completed faster than companies who use chemicals in the process. This is often true for commercial properties, where the square footage would necessitate the use of a large number of chemicals, and a longer period to allow the area to dry.

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With decades of experience in flooring removal from both residential and commercial spaces, our crews know how to provide you with exceptional service and quality results. We ensure that your life is minimally disrupted, and your floor coating is removed as quickly as possible. Check out our reviews on Yelp and Google to see how happy our customers are with the service we provide.

Our process for flooring removal in Miramar works on every kind of flooring on the market, no matter how the flooring was initially installed. Green, chemical-free flooring removal works on all the most popular types of flooring surface. If you have questions about how flooring removal in Miramar works, click here to schedule a free quote.

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