Deerfield Beach Hardwood Flooring Removal

Why Choose Wood Floor Removal in Margate.

Flooring Removal Services offers fast and affordable hardwood flooring removal all over Deerfield Beach. Our teams of skilled professionals can remove any type of hardwood flooring surface quickly, using top of the line equipment. There are many reasons to trust us to work in your home or business, including our years of experience and many happy past customers. Here are some of the things you should know about us and the way we perform Deerfield Beach hardwood flooring removal. The process is not that confusing as some people may think. The way we do things starts simply with a free quote. For this, one of our crew members will come to your Deerfield Beach home or business to give it a look and explain to you the process in which he thinks is best. To give you the best and most accurate results, we will look at the type of flooring you have and determine the best removal process. You will then go over the best time that will work for you to schedule the removing day. Having our free on-site estimates makes it easy for the crews to know what we are working on and gives you a good idea of how the process will go. Before any work is started, we want to prevent any harm from happening during the removal process, we do this by:

  • Laying down large plastic sheets that trap the dust where we are working. Doing so prevents any dust from ruining the air quality.
  • Cover all ventilation in the areas to prevent the spreading of dust. If dust is to get into the air systems it is extremely difficult to remove, and also lets dust into the air.
  • Place our aluminum ramps in all of the doorways to protect against any damage from bringing in our heavy equipment.

We only use the best-specialized machines that are built to lift the hardwood flooring. These machines will go through, while operated by a licensed crew member, to remove most of the flooring. All of the debris that is created during the removal process is taken out in our trucks to be recycled. The rest of the area is then vacuumed and air scrubbed to make the installation of new flooring easy and can even be done the next day. This is the most efficient and speedy way to remove hardwood flooring so that you have a great space to lay down new floors.

Why Hire a Deerfield Beach Floor Removal Service Instead of Doing It Yourself

How We Protect Your Property During the Process of Wood Floor Removal in Margat.

A lot of homeowners with no construction experience think they can handle the process of performing carpet or tile removal in Deerfield Beach without any outside help. It might seem like a simple home renovation task, but getting rid of the flooring you don’t like can be much harder than you imagine. Here are just some of the reasons you may not want to take on a process like wood flooring, vinyl laminate or ceramic tile removal in Deerfield Beach on your own. Some types of flooring are laid with a heavy layer of mortar or thin set underneath to keep the floor in place for many decades. When you try to remove the floor surface, you’ll also have to get rid of this layer. In some cases, this can be as much as three inches of mortar stuck onto the concrete subfloor. If this layer is not removed properly, the flooring installer who comes in to lay down a new floor surface will not be able to proceed. This can cause a costly delay while removal work gets finished.

After Flooring Is Removed the Mess is Cleaned Up.

You might not anticipate the kind of mess Deerfield Beach floor removal creates in your home. Lifting a floor surface and the mortar or thin set underneath can result in lots of debris and dust that can spread all across the house. This “construction dust” as many people call it can be incredibly pervasive and hard to get rid of, particularly once it gets in your indoor air. Unskilled attempts to remove a flooring surface can result in damage to the surrounding areas, baseboards, and concrete subfloor. Without the right tools and equipment to get the surface up, many amateurs attempt to use sheer force and end up hurting themselves and other parts of the home. If you’d like to get skilled, experienced help with removing your floors, click here to get a free quote from Flooring Removal Services.

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