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Common Myths About Wood Flooring Removal in Coral Springs

Common Myths About Wood Flooring Removal in Coral Springs

If you’re planning to have your wood flooring removed, you might be wondering exactly what to expect during the removal process. There are many myths out there about the process of wood flooring removal. Some of these originate with homeowners who try to take on the removal process themselves or hire an inexperienced general handyman to remove their floors. These people have a different experience than those who hire a professional flooring removal service to remove wood flooring for them. When you use a professional service, every part of the process is handled for you and the experience is as easy as can be.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about flooring removal and how the process will work.

Wood Flooring Removal Creates a Big Mess

Some property owners are afraid to have flooring removed because they are worried about the mess that the removal process will create. This is a valid concern in some cases where the flooring was installed with thin set or mortar. Some installers will place a thick layer of this material under the flooring to make sure it stays for a long time. While this is typical with tile flooring, it usually isn’t the case with wood floors. There is generally only a small layer of glue under the surface which we can easily remove with our state-of-the-art equipment. Since we protect your home from the spread of dust before we begin work, any mess created is contained and does not spread through your home. Plus, our crew will clean the area using high powered vacuums and air scrubbers once they finish the work. This eliminates dust particles before they have a chance to seep into the air and spread through your home.

Wood Flooring Removal Takes a Long Time

With years of experience and top of the line equipment for Coral Springs Wood Flooring Removal, we can remove the flooring from even a large area in a short time. Our team has worked on large commercial spaces, like hospitals and shopping malls, and completed the removal in as little as 24 hours. If you own commercial space, we can even work on it overnight or when the business is closed to cause as little interruption for your customers as possible. At the beginning of each job, when we come to your property to offer you a free quote, we will also be able to discuss the ideal time to get your job done. You can then plan to have a new floor surface installed as soon as the day after we leave.

Removing a Floor is Expensive

Removing a wood floor in Coral Springs can be affordable if you choose the right company to take care of the process for you. At Flooring Removal Services, we use an experienced crew and hydraulic flooring removal equipment to make the process as fast and affordable as possible. Our process begins with a free onsite estimate which allows us to give you an accurate price. This helps you assess whether it fits your budget before work begins.

Getting Rid of Floors Will Damage Other Parts of Your Home

The heavy hydraulic flooring removal equipment can cause damage to your home when used by an inexperienced operator. Plus, the use of hand tools to remove the portions that remain in corners or small spaces can result in dings and dents to nearby surfaces.

Therefore, DIY removal efforts can be a bad idea. Homeowners who have never removed a flooring surface before can cause damage to walls and trim near the flooring surface. Our team will protect your home from damage by using ramps to reinforce areas of the house where the flooring removal equipment is brought in. We also have the experience to use hand tools without causing any damage to your home.

You Will Be Responsible for Getting Rid of the Old Flooring

We will remove your old flooring and leave your home clean!

Getting a flooring surface removed can leave you with a pile of old material on your lawn waiting for pickup. Flooring Removal Services has our own fleet of debris removal trucks, so you are not left with this issue. As soon as we complete the project for your Coral Springs Wood Flooring Removal, we get rid of all the waste created and leave your property clean.

While some old wood flooring ends up in landfills, this is not the case when Flooring Removal Services removes your floors. We take the old flooring surface for responsible disposal and recycling.

If you’re looking to have your old wood floors removed in Coral Springs and a new flooring surface put in place, Flooring Removal Services can help. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your commercial or residential space.

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