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There are many different types of tile removal out there, as you probably already know. It could by vinyl tile removal, or it could be something slightly more complex. Today we’re going to be talking a bit about VCT tile removal, but what is it exactly? Why is it different from other types of tile? Let’s start by talking about what VCT is. This is a type of sheet flooring that has been sold since the early 1980’s, and if you’ve seen it, then you know that it’s a bit larger than the typical floor tiles you’ve seen. They come in many different colors, and as with all other types of tile, you can use them to create elaborate floor patterns if you so desire. For example, if you had them installed at a school, you could use varying colors and gradients to display the school colors, among other things. There is a strong chance that you’ve actually seen this type of tile at some point, especially if you attended public school. You may also have seen VCT tile in work settings, particularly break rooms. The biggest problem that this manner of tile tends to face is the fact that it breaks down very easily on impacts, especially as it ages. In its later years, it becomes very brittle, and it is not uncommon for single tiles to become displaced, exposing the subfloor and thinset underneath. Ceramic floor tiles may have similar issues but may be easier to remove. Our team can let you know what will be needed for your flooring removal.

Is VCT Tile Removal Different Than Other Tiles?

We’ve explained where you would be most likely to find VCT tile, but what is it exactly? This is a form of modern vinyl flooring and it is normally comprised of colored polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chips that are formed into solid sheets. This process is completed using a combination of heat and pressure, and the resulting sheets will be produced in varying thicknesses. As we said before, however, these sheets are prone to breakage toward the end of their life, which means a replacement will be absolutely necessary. For this, you’re going to need our flooring tile removal service in Margate.

Avoid the DIY Solution for all Flooring Removal

When you start thinking of tile removal, your first instinct is probably going to be to remove it yourself. You would save time, you would save money, and you could do it on your own schedule. Before you do that, however, you’re going to need to consider that VCT removal can be particularly messy and it might actually take more time than you think. With that being the case, it might be within your best interest to start looking into our removal services and making sure that you’re getting the job done right. The following are a few of the things that you will want to take into consideration when it comes to VCT removal:

  • Damage – When you’re facing the removal of VCT tiles, you’re probably at a point where they can be damaged without an issue, however, you could potentially cause damage to the rest of your home or property while removing the tiles.
  • Health Concerns – Any good VCT tile removal company will tell you that there are always going to be some health risks when removing these implements. Dust contamination could be one of the primary concerns, but you should also consider that the thinset may also cause a toxic atmosphere, which means special equipment and proper venting.
  • Disposal – Once the VCT tiles are properly removed, they need to be disposed of properly, and if you were to do a DIY job, you would have but a few options. You would use large contractor bags, or you could rent a dumpster for the duration of your removal project. If that is not the route that you want to take, however, then it might be in your best interest to hire us. We have the ability to dispose of the tile in a safe manner, and will ultimately ensure that it is recycled so that it can be used again.

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Your first big question is probably going to be how much all of this costs, and it’s a pretty common one, actually. Unfortunately, it changes for everyone, and it depends upon a number of factors. The biggest factor, of course, will be the size of the room and the amount of work required. Keep in mind that once the VCT floor tile removing services are completed, it will be necessary for us to use our 220v grinders to remove the thinset, ensuring that you’ll be able to lay a new floor immediately after the old one has been removed.

VCT tile removal, when executed professionally can be much more efficient than the alternative, and it will give you the ability to make a fresh start whether you are installing a new floor in your home or in a commercial building. Ceramic tile can also be a great addition to any room. We can also remove ceramic tiles as well. Give our team a call for any type of flooring removal that you may need!

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